Pretty expensive mp3 player that some people like to hate.
Person 1: Hey it's like, my iPod it so g*ddamn broke down it's like, FUCK THE SYSTEM, pretty cool huh?

Me: Mine still works great..

Person 1: ...
by Ddk October 17, 2006
an accurate and unbiased definition

The iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. Devices in the iPod family provide a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel (with the exception of the iPod shuffle). The standard iPod model stores media on a built-in hard drive, while the smaller iPod shuffle and iPod nano use flash memory. Like most digital audio players, an iPod can serve as an external data storage device when connected to a computer.
Discontinued versions of the iPod include two generations of the popular iPod mini and four generations of the full-sized iPod, all of which had monochrome screens except for the 4th generation iPod with color screen (previously sold as iPod photo before it replaced the monochrome iPod in the main line). As of June 2006, the lineup consists of the 5th generation iPod, which has video playback capabilities; the iPod nano, which has a color screen; and the iPod shuffle; all three models were released in 2005. The iPod is currently the world's best-selling digital audio player. The bundled software used for uploading music, photos, and videos to the iPod is called iTunes. A music jukebox application, iTunes stores a comprehensive library of the user's music on their computer, and can play, burn, and rip music from a CD. The most recent incarnations of iPod and iTunes have video playing and organization features.
The iPod's mainstream use and popularity worldwide in the MP3 player market has led to iPod becoming one of the world's most popular brands of MP3 player. Apple's proprietary actions regarding iPods and iTunes, however, have led to criticism as well as legal battles.

Version History:

1st Generation - 5GB/10GB - monochromatic screen - scroll wheel (buttons surrounding)

2nd Generation - 10GB/20GB - monochromatic screen - touch wheel (buttons surrounding)

3rd Generation (dock connector)- 10GB/15GB/20GB/30GB/40GB - monochromatic screen - touch wheel (buttons above)

4th Generation (regular) - 20GB/40GB - monochromatic screen - click wheel

4th Generation (photo) - 40GB/60GB - 16 bit color screen - click wheel

5th Generation (video) - 30GB/60GB - 16 bti color TFT screen - click wheel


The iPod has brought MP3 players and digital music in to the mainstream

by Graham C June 15, 2006
A device that many people think is only for music and as a cult symbol, But that is SO not the case! My yellow 4th gen ipod holds my recipies (cuz im a guy who loves to cook Italian) ,my notes for if I want to cheat in school or remember, my music, my podcasts, my videos, and my photos (or porn if your lonely and don't want a PSP), fun little games like solitair or minesweeper, and tells me the time if i seriously need to look at a damn clock cause my ghetto school cant fix a clock.

Plus the ipod is useful (and also intended for) to hold things OTHER then music but teens are to stupid to put there powerpoint or a movie in there and only put emo songs. The Ipod is a good device for 200-400 if you want to use it as a trully mini comp for notes, music, movies, videos, and podcasts and put small hacks and that loud sound that only a few people can hear for pranks!
I used my ipod to cheat on the test and listen to Nas, when I finished I played the blaring dog wistle and made everyone leave the class crying! I love you ipod lets go make some Cannolies!
by Zed Spinelli September 04, 2009
A device used to watch videos or listen to music on a city bus for the sole purpose of ignoring hobos.
Hobo: hey mister, you got any change or want to talk about nothing in particular while my eye wanders and i smell funny?
You: (dont notice because you are blasting white noise and staring at a 3 inch screen)
Hobo: you make me cry inside
You: (still dont notice)
Hobo: (walks away and bothers another poor soul without an ipod)
by Rajesh Koothrappali April 12, 2008
IPods are a brand of mp3 players that uses flash memory to store music, and documents. The iPods that come equipped with an LCD screen also have the ability to store photos, and (in more advanced models) video files. I recently purchased a 3rd generation iPod nano, and I can store all of my school documents, and Power Point documents onto it. However, the best part is I can use it for cheating on my exams. To do this, (although I´m not sure it works on other models, but it´s worth a shot), simply type out all of your notes out on to a regular Word document, and then save it to your iPod. (Its works just like a Flash Drive, so it´s quite simple). Then select the document to be able to view it on the screen. Pretty sweet, huh? (IPod nanos are the best to do this with because they´re easier to hide from the teacher).
Friend: Dude, what´d you get on your test?

Me:A 100! I used my iPod. (Shows friend notes on iPod screen).

Friend: Sweet, that pwns!
by The German one. October 06, 2007
Popular by advertisement, an MP3 player, with the ability to read AAC, Mp3 and much more. Only possible drawbacks are: 1)insanely high price for an mp3 player, 2)Low battery life compared to otehr mp3 players, 3)Not so great starter earphones,4) Having to use iTunes. If you are a music pirate, then an iPod doesnt make a sound qulity difference, however, if you DO purchase music legally, then ripping ur cd's to AAC format will be better sound quality.
Creative Users: I can listen to 10 DAYS worth of DECENT music, how bout you iPod?
iPod users: I can listen to 10 HOURS of GREAT music!
Pirate: Yaaaaaaaaaaaar.....
by Peter Gomez April 04, 2006
Also iPoo. A less advanced and more expensive version of the Creative Labs Nomad Zen Xtra that features a non-removeable battery and less disk space.
Whoa, my iPod battery is dead, man.
by Miryam Websta April 27, 2004
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