A misspelling of Apple's range of portable iPod media players.
Dave: Hey, can I listen to your i-pod?
Tim: It's iPod, dude.
by orismology April 20, 2010
Noun: An MP3 Player developed by Apple. It's size, or capacity, ranges from 4G to 160G, depending on the iPod variant (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch, etc.). It's size, physically, ranges from, comparatively, a hair-clip and a PDA.
iPods can to a variety of things. They can, of course, play music. They can also run games, play and record video, and store pictures.
It doesn't look like many people here like iPods. Remember, kids: Urban Dictionary is a place for definitions, not slander!
by Indifferent Dictionary January 29, 2010
A genuine MP3 player designed by Apple. The Video iPods can hold up to 60GB of media and the nanos are thinner than a pencil. May be expensive but well worth it.

Not to mention about the haters you see on the rest of urban dictionary... Those people can't afford one that's why they want to use the Creative Zens to insult over it which make the Creative Zens also known as Lame-Flat iPods that can only sync up to 125 songs.
Person 1 : Hey It's an iPod

Person 2 : yeah

Person 1 : I can't believe you even wanna be SEEN with that piece of crap.

Person 2 : Is it becasue you can't afford one?

Person 1 : Yeah... (weeps)

Person 2 : Don't worry, you can always buy a fake and poser version of ipods called the Zen.
by Liwfun September 18, 2006
Definition 1 (proper noun): Apple's Crappy Popular and EXTREMELY Overpriced MP3 Player, that is very easy to break and costs at LEAST 3 times as much as something just as good. Also, it requires the equally crappy and restrictive iTunes player.

Definition 2 (noun): What stupid people call any MP3 Player
David: Yo, I got a 60GB iPod for only $850! It's way better what you got!
Sanjay: Shut up, I bought my 60GB Creative for $200!
David(Feeling Regretful): Oh...

D-Roc: Yo wassup my homie G! I gots me-self one-o-those iPod thingies, not dem MP3's!!!!
Dr. Dre: Shut up moron! #1, it's MP3 Player (not MP3), #2, iPod is an MP3 Player!
by gplpark92 June 22, 2006
A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.
Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."
by damon666666666 May 17, 2006
pretty much a piece of shit. I had an iPod once, 12 months and the battery life decreased, and the sound quality is shit, and it had a crack on it. The only reason people buy it is because it is stylish, has ads, and is from the only company that people less than 5 brain cells know of.
idiot: hey i just got a ipod!
Non dumbass: why don't you do yourself a favor and put your ipod in the blender and go buy a creative zen or an iriver
by omg42 February 25, 2008
An mp3 player developed by Apple. It is usually on a one-for-the-price-of-two sale. Additionally, a popular sales tactic associated with it is the "xgb" hard drive size, where x is a number usually above 20. The fine print usually reads "it is actually impossible to have 20gb worth of songs, stupid. thanks for the extra cash, retard."

It is a prime example of planned obsolescence--not only is the battery irreplaceable, but the ipod often breaks down by simply using it.

Problem: ipod is frozen.
Answer: Did you try using it? This is often the problem.

Problem: I don't have $40,000 to spend on songs
Answer: We know.

Problem: The shininess is gone. It looks like I scrubbed it with an iron sponge.
Answer: Buy a new one, asswipe. If you bought it a month ago, chances are we came out with a better version.
dude1: Dude, i just bought a brand new ipod!
dude2: Didn't you hear? The new model came out just now.

dude1: My ipod holds 20gb!
dude2: Dude you can put your 1,000 cd's on it!
dude1: I already did, and I still have 90% of the space free!

dude1: my ipod broke, dude.
dude2: what happened?
dude1: I tried listening to a song.
by William Microsoft Gates February 15, 2008
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