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The vehicle that Haruko Haruhara (AKA the vespa woman) from the anime "FLCL" drives. Her Vespa is capable of space flight.
Haruko drives her yellow vespa like a maniac.
by smarterthanyou January 26, 2005
The file shitty file format that windows media player uses. Sucks hardcore, but is used because of its smaller file size than mp3s and the great number of digital music players that play them. Thank god for mp4 and ipods.
wma is inferior to vorbis which is inferior to mp4
by smarterthanyou January 27, 2005
A program that allows you to "share" your music library and view other peoples. Also easy to download their music to your computer (for real) with programs such as ourTunes
I always wanted that album. Oh look. That person has it. Let me just open ourtunes. (30 seconds later) There! Now I have that entire album and I didn't pay a cent.

Don't steal music ;-)
by smarterthanyou January 26, 2005
Plays mp4/AAC (better than shitty vorbis which no one in their right mind would put music in. no one fuckin' uses it and they never will). The menus can be re-arranged to fit your needs (i.e. switching to random quickly. Lightweight but with a large capacity hard drive. Given it doesn't have radio (which they should have added a long time ago), it has everything you need (by the way, what the fuck could an ethernet card do for an iPod anyway? Let you surf the internet? How about you list things that it truely is lacking than making shit up?)
iPods are better than Rio Karmas and other such shit
by smarterthanyou January 24, 2005
Person who owns an iPod, the best digital music player there is. Other players flat out suck and are over priced. Also the only player that can play mp4.
128 megabytes of memory for $70?! Fuck that, I'm getting a 20 gigabyte iPod for $260 because it has 160 times the memory for only 4 times the $$$.
by smarterthanyou January 23, 2005
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