An electronic status symbol purchased by mute lemmings who would rather listen to (and sometimes you can hear) music blurting from headphones, rather than speak to people.

This zombie purchased piece of electronic gadgetry is quite often mistaken for a phone even though you rarely see people talking on it.

Text and instant message is the most common form of communication for the socially inadequate people who have low self esteeem who buy it, just so they can have a topic to communicate to other people about.
by realist001 July 27, 2009
Brilliant phone that I would be lost without.

The only people that don't like it are the jelous idiots that cant afford them.
Person 1: Is that an iPhone?
2: Yes
1: How much was it?
2: £250
1: Yeah its a piece of crap what a rip off
2: Yes because your 7 year old Nokia is top of the range
1: its better than the iPhone.
2: Wheres the camera?
1: *Goes quiet*
by I am annonymous February 03, 2008
Do not take the other definitions for this seriously. This piece of equipment definetelt does NOT harness the power of a laptop, nor is it the coolest thing ever invented (just read the specs, boys and girls.) For the ammount of hype surrounding it, it seems to lack ALOT of the features we take for granted in todays mobile phones. eg. video recording, MP3 ringtones, instant messaging, only to name a few. The features available on an iphone have actually been available on portable devices at much more reasonable prices for years, yet all it takes is apple to create an iperbole around it, then suddenly everyone thinks it's the only device that harnesses these features.
This is exactly what happened when the ipod was released - all it takes is a ridiculously funded advertising scheme to make people think that ipods are the best choice for a portable media player - when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. apple products are merely fasion accessories. be sure to wikipedia "iphone"
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
the most amazing piece of technology of the 21st century. Revolutionized the way people access emails, use the web, send text messages.....oh, and it has those stupid little apps that we spend hours on, lol.
Lady #1: My husband just bought me an iPhone 4
Lady #2: Oh yeah? How do you like it?
Lady #1: It's AMAZING....I love it.
Lady #2: does HE like it?
Lady #1: Hmmmmmm, not so much! He's a Droid man!
by JPEditMan October 24, 2011
the best phone ever made, no joke this phone can play music, watch videos, surf the web, take pictures, run android, check mail, it can do works, many think that it is possible to "beat" the iphone but sadly it's been the best phone in the world since 2007 .
Harold: dude guess what
Leo: what ?
Harold: I have a fucking iPhone
Leo: i am so fucking jealous
by somedudeyo January 15, 2011
1. A bad excuse for an ipod and not good enough to be a phone. so they settled on calling it an iphone. Apple thinks it's cute to add 'i' infront of all their products. For no real reason the iphone is not sold in Apple but is sold in only AT&T while the ipod touch is sold is found everywhere!
2. It is pretty much the same as an ipod touch with the same interface and applications, but it can call and has a camera.
3. A retard ipod touch that fell in the hands of evolution.
1. Customer: Is this the Apple store?
Representative: Yes it is. How can i help you?
Customer: Can you show me the iphones please?
Representative: I'm sorry sir we dont sell them. You have to go to AT&T and you don't have to be a customer.
Customer: What the f***? You make the iphones!!

*goes to AT&T*

Customer: Can i have an iphone?
AT&T asshole: First you have to get a line then you have to select a plan, but you have to pay in advance, then you sign a 5 year contract and THEN you can select the phone of your choice then you're screwed.
2. Friend1: Hey, I just got an ipod touch!
Friend2: Cool I have an iphone, can your ipod touch call?
Friend1:No... *starts to look sad*
Friend2: Can you take a picture of me?
Friend1: Don't judge me!! *runs away crying*
3. maleiphone: Hey honey! im back from the business trip. How's our baby?
femaleiphone: He can't call and he has no loudspeaker!
maleiphone: Well I have to ask. Were you lonely when I was gone?
femaleiphone: No it's not what you think! I swear I never talked to, or even looked at, an ipod touch when you were gone!
by amrtheman December 07, 2008

Becoming widely wanted by people who wish to access information, entertainment anywhere. Recently launched IPhone 3G which allows users to have DSL-like connection. Phone is offered by AT&T for a rate of $80.00, which offers 400 minutes/200 Txt/Unlimited Data. Which is pricy to some young consumers.

IPhone created by Apple, comes in 4GB/8GB which has functions of an IPod, with GPS, Cell functions, and internet capabilities mainly used for Youtube and Google.

John: Dude, i'm getting an Iphone but the rates are ridiculous.

Dave: I know man, the minutes are like half if you pay for standard with data plan.

John: I would so unlock one, but there goes the data.

by Allen "Aames" Han July 20, 2008

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