The phone the "rich kids" or "Paris Hiltons" use. You know, the ones that think they're "Too hot for you" or those who are smart people.
The collaboration of "iPhone".

Paris Hilton: Yeah, I got this iPhone... and this BlackBerry... iPhone... yeah!

Jessica Simpson: Hey y'all, iPhone, hillbillies, adurr.

That Rich Kid That Goes To Your School: I have this iPhone. It is Brilliant! (Note: Within 10 seconds, he got beaten up by 78 people and died, never heard from again)
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by Wee Beasties April 25, 2008
It was a thing of the future when it came out. Now it's an overmarketed paper weight that sucks the soul out of the common user. It is now a thing of the past. The majority of iphone users can't even afford the phone or the monthly bill but they will get it because it's an apple product.
Customer: So I heard that the new iphone 4s does voice to text, has a dual core processor, and an 8 mega pixel camera, is that correct?

Sales rep: That is absolutely correct, Apple finally put all the stuff in their phone that Android already had. It's behind the curve.

Customer: I don't care I want an Iphone!
#iphone #soul sucker #paper weight #money pit #worst phone ever
by tacobell3324 January 22, 2012
God is still waiting for his special "B.C." Edition when Apple finds a way to deliver it to him.
God: Still waitin' for that iPhone, Apple. . .
#god #iphone #phone #bc #dc #waiting #delivery
by Foof811 March 31, 2011
Do not take the other definitions for this seriously. This piece of equipment definetelt does NOT harness the power of a laptop, nor is it the coolest thing ever invented (just read the specs, boys and girls.) For the ammount of hype surrounding it, it seems to lack ALOT of the features we take for granted in todays mobile phones. eg. video recording, MP3 ringtones, instant messaging, only to name a few. The features available on an iphone have actually been available on portable devices at much more reasonable prices for years, yet all it takes is apple to create an iperbole around it, then suddenly everyone thinks it's the only device that harnesses these features.
This is exactly what happened when the ipod was released - all it takes is a ridiculously funded advertising scheme to make people think that ipods are the best choice for a portable media player - when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. apple products are merely fasion accessories. be sure to wikipedia "iphone"
#iphone #ipod #apple #crap #over #rated
by Drewbud315 September 10, 2007
the most amazing piece of technology of the 21st century. Revolutionized the way people access emails, use the web, send text messages.....oh, and it has those stupid little apps that we spend hours on, lol.
Lady #1: My husband just bought me an iPhone 4
Lady #2: Oh yeah? How do you like it?
Lady #1: It's AMAZING....I love it.
Lady #2: does HE like it?
Lady #1: Hmmmmmm, not so much! He's a Droid man!
#iphone #technology #21st century #apple #text messages
by JPEditMan October 24, 2011
The most amazing phone known to man. I would be lost without mine. It can do just about anything.
1- Dude, is that an iPhone?
2- Yeah...
1- Wow, what a waste of good money
2- A waste of good money?
1- Um yes, u spoiled little brat, I hate you soo much.
2- Hm?
1- You douchebag. The iPhone sucks.
2- Really? Does it suck?
1- No.. it rules, it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. I'm just too poor and jealous to afford one.
2- *Nods* Your poor thing.
#iphone #ipod touch #apple #steve jobs #ipad #ipod #amazing #phone
by xlovelovelovex3 February 08, 2010
An electronic status symbol purchased by mute lemmings who would rather listen to (and sometimes you can hear) music blurting from headphones, rather than speak to people.

This zombie purchased piece of electronic gadgetry is quite often mistaken for a phone even though you rarely see people talking on it.

Text and instant message is the most common form of communication for the socially inadequate people who have low self esteeem who buy it, just so they can have a topic to communicate to other people about.
#apple #crap #idiot #moron #iphone
by realist001 July 27, 2009
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