The greatest mobile device ever made.

People call it overpriced, but notice that it has 2.5x faster internet for a bare 200 dollars, i mean for 200 dollars you can't even get a comparable ipod nano or touch plus a decent 3G phone with GPS and 3G networking.

I mean, just as a music player it's worth 200 bucks already, it's simply the best mobile device ever made.

People who diss it usually can't afford one (which is really sad considering how much cheaper it is now) or are just jealous and greedy fags and misters.

In other words, GO GET ONE.
Thank you.

(and with ATNT you have to pay a $150 deposit thou... D:, but that's for the 16GB one, it's probably cheaper for the 8GB one.)
"That fag Jeffery was flaunting his new Helio Ocean around like a real douche. I showed him when I iPwned him (the act of pwning a lesser phone with the iPhone) with my awesome 16GB black 3G iPhone!"
by LOLninjacat August 05, 2008
Basically the coolest thing ever invented by anyone ever. Apple combined a cell phone, an ipod, a camera, and an internet browser into one hand-held device. Also the entire thing is one big touchscreen.
If i had to pick one technological device to have sex with, it would be the iphone.
by Nate7667 January 10, 2007
1. An Apple creation (thanx to Steve Jobs & friends).

2. Initially underated but proved it's magnificence via an astounding staying-power in the cellular phone market.

3. Every haters worst nightmare.

4. A (f*cking incredible) substitute for a Black Berry.

5. Any damn thing you want it to be (well, given Mommy lets you use her credit card to download apps from the app store).
1. .::Apple Cult Meeting::.
Steve Jobs : "Greetings minions ! I've got a plan today...let's create an uber versatile phone to dominate the cell phone market. We'll name it...the...uhm...the *thinks hard*
Apple Minion : "I know! Let's call it the iPh--"
Steve Jobs: "The iPhone! Yes! We'll name it the iPhone...jee...I didn't even need your help. 'Cos I'm the boss and I rule everything."

2. Dumbf*ck: "Gee, the iPhone is so whack. It has nothing."

Me: Ok. Dumbf*ck, then tell me why you always using my phone to use the internet, iPod, navigation, camera, video and stuff. Mmmm, that's right, 'cos you want it you little b*tch!"

3. Me : *on my iPhone*

Hater: "Get yourself a real phone. The iPhone's whack."

Me: "And by 'real' phone do you mean a model similar to yours. Huh, don't think so."

Hater: "Oh yeah, well I STILL think it's not cool."

Me: "And I STILL think living at your mom's house is not cool."

*Hater flees while crying like a little bitch...that he is, of course.*

4. Petunia: "What phone do you have?"

Me: "iPhizzle my nizzle. U?"

Petunia: "Black--"

Me: "Black Berry? Why am I not surprised?"

5. Thanks to all the amazing apps at the app store, the iPhone can be a torch, mini recording studio equipment, magazine, tv, radio, iTrip, fortune teller, remote control, yoga instructor, dictionary, gaming device etc ...the list is endless! No, really!!
by Refilwe391!:) March 04, 2010
iPhone combines three products — a revolutionary mobile phone ( a blackberry), a widescreen iPod with touch controls (a COWON Q5W), and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching — into one small and lightweight handheld device (again a COWON Q5W). iPhone also introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and pioneering new software (again a COWON Q5W), letting you control everything with just your fingers (again a COWON Q5W). So it ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never before seen in a mobile device(As seen in a COWON Q5W), completely redefining what you can do on a mobile phone. So, what you bought is a COWON Q5W that fucked a blackberry.
If you already have a cell phone, then don't buy an iphone.
by qblatphemy July 10, 2008
something that always gets stolen.
yesterday i brought my iphone to school and someone stole it.
by iammothernature August 14, 2009
A mutant cross-breed of an ipod and a phone
ipod + phone = iphone
by Jersey Kid February 22, 2008
The only tool anyone will ever need. A new one comes out every other week and somehow gets more and more awesome. People pretend to hate it and play with their android in the corner of their moms basement and cry themselves to sleep evert night looking at the sickly android market. The iPhones will one day take over the world and you know you love it.
1: dude you've gotta see this video on YouTube (from android)

2: okay

1: hold on it's still loading

2: (whips out iPhone watches video and opens the piece of crap killer app and blows android into the sky where it is rejected by alian lifeforms)

1: (Runs away crying to his corner and admires iPhone awesomeausity)
by KriegKid November 11, 2010
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