something that always gets stolen.
yesterday i brought my iphone to school and someone stole it.
by iammothernature August 14, 2009
The only tool anyone will ever need. A new one comes out every other week and somehow gets more and more awesome. People pretend to hate it and play with their android in the corner of their moms basement and cry themselves to sleep evert night looking at the sickly android market. The iPhones will one day take over the world and you know you love it.
1: dude you've gotta see this video on YouTube (from android)

2: okay

1: hold on it's still loading

2: (whips out iPhone watches video and opens the piece of crap killer app and blows android into the sky where it is rejected by alian lifeforms)

1: (Runs away crying to his corner and admires iPhone awesomeausity)
by KriegKid November 11, 2010
A phone that contains everything perfect in the world.
Person 1 "Hey you got an iPhone"
Person 2 "Yep... wow the immortal app is only 30p now!"
by meh123. March 03, 2010
When a spouse or boyfriend takes on a petite, black mistress that he can’t keep his hands off of and always tries to find an excuse to stroke. She is commonly located inches from his cock. Often results in a broken family due to the love of a god damn phone.
Girlfriend: I can’t believe you guys are splitting.
Wife: That iphone is a total home wrecker.... and I can't believe he's into blacks.
by pinsandneedles October 07, 2009
an amazing product made by apple that completely changes the way people use cell phones - but all the people that are too poor to afford it whine and complain about how they hate it.
person 1: i got an iphone!
person 2: you spent all that money on a phone?
person 1: you know you want it
person 2: yeah your right
by 1Mike1 December 10, 2007
what yo mamma sat on to create the iPad
I had an iPhone but yo mamma sat on it and i got me the first iPad
by 45879845389204958943703 November 05, 2011
"The jesus phone"
I have an iPhone,bow down before me.
by HumorouslyIgnorant July 27, 2009

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