some gay ass show with some homosexual kids that think making a web show is cool. these faggots need to get a life and make more friends. carly is a little whore that sucks balls at acting and thinks she's hot. sam, a little tomboy bitch who rips on the little raper freddy all the time. freddy, like i said above, a little raper and an annoying cock sucker. carly's grandpa "granddad" is a dick wad that likes to suck spencer's balls and wants carly to live with her in yachma so he can lick her pussy all day, but actually.. spencer is the only cool one cuz he's supposingly 26. that teacher bitch mrs.. um.. i dont remember is a fucking ass skank who likes scottish dancing and a bunch of other shit. thats about it.. so pretty much, what im trying to say is that this show is about some punk ass dickhead who need to get a lives of their own.

Oh, i remember now, the skank's name is ms. briggs.

Carly: suck my balls grandpa
Grandpa: maybe later..
Sam: I'll do it
Freddy: Get the fuck out of my way Sam, Carly's pussy is mine
Carly: sure why not.. a faggot 10 year old is probably all i'll get in life..
by Lakashumbi January 02, 2008
A Nickelodeon TV show about 2 camwhores named Carly and Sam who host an online show with their gay tech expert Freddie. The running joke is that Freddie has a crush on Carly, while he is using it as a cover for his latent attraction to Carly's older brother Spencer. Spencer, a dropout, is Carly's legal guardian while her father is Over 9000 miles below sea level in a navy submarine. Nothing is known about Carly's mother.

Sam is an obnoxious wench with a neglectful mother. Her father is never mentioned.

Freddie would probably be straight, but was ruined by too many flea baths, sweater vests and ointments from his mother. His father is never mentioned.

The show is apparently introducing 10 year old girls to real life: Parental Abandonment, Dropping out of school, homosexuality, and of course, paying for college with camshows.
Nobody is sure how iCarly came into existence. Many believe that it was created by /b/, in an attempt to troll Nickelodeon. The legend goes as follows:

Nickelodeon Exec: We need a new show that will teach kids about life. We are accepting email submissions for 24 hours.

*24 Hours Later*
Email from:
Subject: TV Show Idea
Message: How about 2 camwhores with single parents and dropout siblings?

Nickelodeon Exec: Brilliant!
by AnotherOneOfThem June 08, 2010
the worst attempt for a comedy show in a long time. they try way to hard to be funny and it's just sad. their all very bad actors. people who watch iCarly are either ages 3-10, or don't know comedy.
carly: "blah blah blah, i overreact to everything!"
sam: "my whole family's in jail, so i can i sleep here tonight?"
fred: "i'm sutch a dweeb, why am i even part of iCarly?"
by LML Money July 16, 2010
A show that people on Urban Dictionary apparently hate on
Person A: "Hey, did you see all those hate comments for iCarly on urban dictionary?"

Person B: "Yeah, what are all those people so pissed about?"

Person A: "I don't know, but shit...maybe they should just take the watermelon out of their asses and just realize it's just a harmless kid's show"

Person B: "Ha........Fah sho"
by Maserati1017 December 13, 2010
3 years ago, when tv shows were actually good on Nickelodeon, then came one of the worst tv shows-iCarly. iCarly shows some of the stupidest scenarios that the world has seen.

iCarly features the titular character-Carly. Carly however looks like the grinch which makes all of us wonder how did this show come to be. iCarly was mainly intended for pedophiles to watch except some people actually believed this shit. Most vegetarians and animal activists want to kill this show because of the brutal scenes showing a lesbian eating meat constantly.
Someone stupid-Have you seen that episode where Fred came on iCarly?
someone smart-No, because I watch good shows like CSI where people like that die.
by iHATETHISHOW June 22, 2010
ICarly is a popular teen show(it's targeted for teenagers, but gets a lot of viewers from tweens and younger)made by Nickelodeon.

It's about three teenagers starting a web-show. The three teenagers consist of

Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) is the host of her own popular web show, iCarly, which she produces with her two best friends, Sam and Freddie.

Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy) is one of Carly's best friends and co-host of iCarly.

Freddie Benson (Nathan Kress) is also one of Carly's good friend and neighbor. He is the technical producer of iCarly.

Then they're Carly's older brother, Spencer Shay(Jerry Trainor) and also the three teenagers' friend Gibby(Noah Munck) that makes an occasional appearance on the web-show.

There is currently five seasons out of ICarly that is shown on Nickelodeon. It's taped at the Nickelodeon On Sunset
Hollywood, California.

Tween Girl #1: Hey, look, ICarly is going to be on, hurry up with the popcorn!

Tween Girl #2: OK, hold on, I just need to pull it out of the microwave!
by Final Fantasy DUNDUNDUN September 27, 2011
a show on nickelodeon that can be funny at times but most of the time its just fucking annoying. its about a prissy teenage girl named carly and a tomboy named sam who thinks shes all badass but really shes just a poser. there is also a chubby gay kid named freddy and together they do a web show called icarly thats not funny at all. the only characters on the show that actually make the show entertaining is carlys brother, spencer, and a boy named gibby
person 1: dude have you seen icarly?

person 2: yes, its so fucking annoying
by flapjackFTW August 28, 2010
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