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A terrible Disney show, so bad it makes you wish for the good old days when there was...Hannah Montana.

Great plots, but said great plots are overshadowed by the overused, unfunny jokes, terrible acting, and horrible dancing.
Shake It Up sucks.
by Willoe June 22, 2011
A man-whore of the worst kind.
Gets many women to love him with empty promises, only cares about sex.
He's such a womanizer, the whore.
by Willoe June 19, 2011
What you say someone when he/she tells you to go make them a sandwich without asking nicely
Yo' go make me a sandwich!

Go make your own goddamn sandwich you lazy ass.
by Willoe June 19, 2011
A collie, most commonly a rough collie.
Lassie dog is a term used by people who don't know the actual name of the dog breed, seeing as one of the most famous collies was Lassie.
Hey, look at the pretty lassie dog.
by Willoe June 20, 2011
What happens to cats when they get chased by dogs/kids/etc, and end up in a tree to escape.
That cat got treed.
by Willoe July 02, 2011
A mediocre Nickelodeon show. While its no Drake&Josh, its just...alright. Maybe the laugh track is a bit overused, and they rely on pure randomness for most of the jokes, but its better than the "Sitcoms" that Disney keep pumping out, which keep getting worse and worse.
Seriously. If you thought Shake it Up was bad...
I don't even want to think about it.
iCarly is like...its like...well, its alright. The earlier seasons were funnier, I'll admit.
by Willoe October 03, 2011
Used when someone wants to make a pun more clear.
If nobody drowns at the lake, everything will go along swimmingly. Pun intended.
by Willoe July 02, 2011

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