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an intetanal degeneration of the bitch

see also behatch- b-nitch-bia bia-b-nizzy-b=ich-and others
screw you biach i wont do your dad
by xion May 06, 2005
182 78
another way of saying "bitch"
"Watchu say! Die biach!!!!"
by ryannnnnn February 10, 2008
74 28
1.a human female who lacks refinement - more prone to drink from a 40oz bottle of Cobra than from a fluted champainge glass 2.an epithet used in reference to a buddy whose favorite team just lost to your favorite team.
1. "Bring me a beer, BIACH!
2. You lost by a field goal, BIACH! Give me my $20 now, BIACH!
by Erik April 17, 2003
89 45
Heather "Stumpy" Mills; former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney and unstable nut job.
"Heather Mills is a one-legged psychotic biach!"
by David Vogler November 05, 2006
40 40
A woman who is responsible for a website such as webstars2000.com
a totally unreasonable female that has wound you up so mutch that you cannot describe her as anything other than a fuckin Biach
by Jim July 22, 2004
35 74