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The act of putting someone into the altered mind-state of hypnosis.
Please hypnotize me to help me stop smoking.
by EroticTist May 13, 2008
Combination of the "hypnosis" and "erotic". See also hypnofetishism and my definition of hypnosex. Pertaining to hypnosis that causes sexual arousal that may or may not lead to orgasm. Written, aural or visual stimuli that lead to eroticism through hypnotic means (through hypnosis).
That website was certainly hypnoerotic. John has hypnoerotic interests. Those hypnoerotic sites sure are *hot*!
by EroticTist May 13, 2008
Achieving orgasm by means of hypnotic suggestion see:hypnosex or through sexual domination and repeated training to voice or hand signal stimuli until climax is induced.
She will cum on command for me; she's a well trained sexual submissive/slave!
by EroticTist May 13, 2008
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