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Hunter is an uncommon name for either a guy or a girl. People named Hunter tend to have reclusive personalities and tend to hide themselves amongst a crowd or in a secluded area. They can be shy at first, but can be a great, outgoing friend once they know more about you. They are intelligent students who are also adept at sports; though modesty and shyness will often keep them from admitting so. Hunters prefer to hang out with the opposite gender and despise bullies and politics. They tend to be wonderful people; but can be a bit naive and oblivious when it comes to romance, love and girls/guys (depending on their gender). But once caught in a relationship they are faithful, loyal, and flat out wonderful. However, Hunters - much like the professions they are names after - are wanderers, and wish dearly for a place that they can truly call home. This wandering is normally outside of their control, though; so don't blame them! Oftentimes they tend to be part of military families, if not in the service themself. If you ever meet a Hunter, try to know them and cherish your time with them; it might not last forever.
Girl #1: "Hey, who's the new kid? You know, the one reading all alone over there in the corner?"

Girl#2: "Oh, that's Hunter. He's from Maine and doesn't talk much."

Girl#3: "Really? So he's single, lonely, and really cute..."

Girl#2: "I already attempted to seduce him; he just smiled and dashed off. He's really shy. Maybe we should get to know him first..."
by Zenicon May 05, 2012
he is cool a ladies guy and rocks
hunter rocks
by bob3763 December 13, 2010
A hunter is a manwhore. He is the guy who is always dating a girl. He's constantly flirting with girls even when he is in a relationship. He isn't faithful. Don't fall for his sweet trap because you will regret ever meeting him.
"Ugh. Don't be such a Hunter."
by PinkChickenWing August 17, 2011
a redneck who has nothing to do
REDNECK: y'all im going hunt'n. OTHER PERSON: dumb ass hunter
by piemaster1311 November 27, 2010
She is one of the most amazing girls you'll ever meet. She's stunning and can always make you laugh! She like to be with people and is a HUGE flirt, but that's not a bad thing. She's usually happy and love to have fun. She is such a babe, legit she's the hottest girl on the planet. You can always trust her and she'll never let you down................and she's hot.
Hunter is soooo hot!!
by Leveskii November 24, 2011
A guy who is manipulative, jerky, and immature. He is usually really cocky and does't find anything wrong with playing more than one girl at a time.
person 1 "Wow, that guy is mad cocky and so immature."

person 2 "I know, he's such a Hunter."
by hlolamm April 15, 2011
1.Girl's name also
2.A person guaranteed to make you laugh....
3.Person who likes to take your monster energy drink....
omg did you just hear wat hunter said it was hilarryus....

hahahah omg i'm still laughin i can't stop
hey look celena has an energy drink.... Run celena here comes hunter....
by LenaPaige November 13, 2009