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the coolest, sexiest man ever. he has all the bitches and hoes. and money.
guy #1: who is that?
guy #2: thats ethan with his bitches and hoes and money.
by jenkem110 July 08, 2009
when you jizz on someones face, cut your pubes off and put them on their face, then put a top hat on them.
why are you cutting you pubes off and putting them on my face afteryoujizzed on it?
im giving you an abraham lincoln
by jenkem110 July 09, 2009
a little bitchboy usually related to a chase who is an awesome motherfucker.
guy #1: who is that?
guy #2: thats hunter.
guy #1: thats why he looks gay and has buckteeth.
by jenkem110 July 09, 2009

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