A name for a guy, mainly. For someone who is masculine, but still sensitive. He will always try to make you happy, but if he can't at that point in time, he will eventually. Very tan, and muscular. The sweetest person you will ever meet. A very dependable person. Doesn't like when you put feet on him, tickle him, or tease him. Loves Burger King and all other fast food restaurants. Has the best girlfriend - ever.
You must be Hunter because you don't like to be tickled.

Thank you for being so sexy. Is your name Hunter?
by cunter1323 June 02, 2010
A man of great strength and agility. The ladies love him and he gets a lot of pussy. He is also very smart.
"Look at that hunter, so hot"
"I know!"
by buletien68 March 09, 2009
he is sooo incredible and soooooo sexy
Hunter is sexy effing beast
hunter is so amazing
hunter is incredible
by hunterissexy December 27, 2010
The sweetest guy you'll ever meet! Loves to play musical instruments and has one amazing country voice. He is extremely talented. He can make any girl feel unbelievable when he sings. Usually, he loves the color green. Girls tend to fall in love with his beautiful looks. Hunter is most likely from a small town in the south. He is on his way to be known around the world. His hands are so soft and he always smells AMAZING. Overall, this Hunter is a great guy, and will always treat his lady good.
Hunter- "I wanna make you feel wanted."
Girl- "Awww I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning.."
Hunter- "Oh honey, if you're gonna be somebody's heartbreak..be mine."
by kbianco January 19, 2012
Hunter is an uncommon name for either a guy or a girl. People named Hunter tend to have reclusive personalities and tend to hide themselves amongst a crowd or in a secluded area. They can be shy at first, but can be a great, outgoing friend once they know more about you. They are intelligent students who are also adept at sports; though modesty and shyness will often keep them from admitting so. Hunters prefer to hang out with the opposite gender and despise bullies and politics. They tend to be wonderful people; but can be a bit naive and oblivious when it comes to romance, love and girls/guys (depending on their gender). But once caught in a relationship they are faithful, loyal, and flat out wonderful. However, Hunters - much like the professions they are names after - are wanderers, and wish dearly for a place that they can truly call home. This wandering is normally outside of their control, though; so don't blame them! Oftentimes they tend to be part of military families, if not in the service themself. If you ever meet a Hunter, try to know them and cherish your time with them; it might not last forever.
Girl #1: "Hey, who's the new kid? You know, the one reading all alone over there in the corner?"

Girl#2: "Oh, that's Hunter. He's from Maine and doesn't talk much."

Girl#3: "Really? So he's single, lonely, and really cute..."

Girl#2: "I already attempted to seduce him; he just smiled and dashed off. He's really shy. Maybe we should get to know him first..."
by Zenicon May 05, 2012
Can be boy or girls name (cooler when it's a girl) extremely fashion forward very smart, not afraid to be a retard around close friends. Usually nervous and shy at first. Makes people laugh. A PERSON WHO IS ALWAYS THERE FOR THEIR FRIENDS no matter what.
'wow, look at her. She has got such a beautiful life'

'DAYUM! check Hunter!'

Hunter:'awww hunny are you ok.'
Hurt friend:'*sniff* no' :(
Hunter:'who did it? I beat their ass!
Feeling better friend:'over there'
by Bifflewithhunter2012 January 02, 2012
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