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A name for a guy, mainly. For someone who is masculine, but still sensitive. He will always try to make you happy, but if he can't at that point in time, he will eventually. Very tan, and muscular. The sweetest person you will ever meet. A very dependable person. Doesn't like when you put feet on him, tickle him, or tease him. Loves Burger King and all other fast food restaurants. Has the best girlfriend - ever.
You must be Hunter because you don't like to be tickled.

Thank you for being so sexy. Is your name Hunter?
by cunter1323 June 02, 2010
590 326
A manly name for a manly guy.
"Look at Hunter! I love his abs!" - Girl
"He's gay" - Jealous guy
by Pleakley March 26, 2005
2917 1386
Hunter is often a guy name. Commonly tall, great skin, normally white. Thinks lowly of themselves with slight trust issues, but everyone loves them. Very cute, maybe even hot. Honest, and very kindhearted.One can also be quite shy. Never do you ever hear a Hunter insulting or being rude to someone unless it's a joke. Very creative and musical. Somewhat of a ladies man, but very committed. Some girls may think of the Hunter in their life as perfect. Hunters are modest, and treat their girlfriend lovely. Very respectful, honest, and so loving. Once in the arms of a Hunter, don't let him go. I guarantee you'll regret it.
Girl: I'm dating Hunter.
Friend: What? No way! He's my ex! I so regret breaking up with him. He was great to me.
Girl: Well that's your loss, he's mine now and I'm not letting him go.
by Kahlia4384 December 28, 2011
1301 494
Can talk his way out of anything, good liar, ladies man, buff.
1. Man that kid is such a hunter because he just got outta trouble.
2. He's such a hunter, all the ladies are all over him.
by UNC die hard August 14, 2008
2307 1501
The shit; badass; one of the straightest men alive
Damn, that Hunter guy is the shit.
by Sgt Max Fightmaster October 28, 2008
1586 926
a name for a boy or girl. (cooler when a girl's name) tomboy. never a poser. hangs out with the oposite gender mostly. usually loves music and their computer. doesn't like girls singing. is usually very hansome or beautiful. great with blonde hair or brown. likes to flirt. doesn't like shopping. sometimes cusses but not constantly. really good skater. compulsive liar. always making witty/funny statements. makes fashion statements.
dangg. Hunter is just flat out awesome.

will she ever act like a real girl?

dangg. that Hunter is halirous!
by yourmother. January 22, 2007
1653 1159
Hunter is a name for a beyond perfect guy. He'll make any girl feel great about themselves. But that one special girl is very important to him. He makes her feel beautiful everyday. As if she has no flaws at all. He's the cutest, kindest, most trustworthy guy you'll ever meet. You want him to be your bestfriend.
Special girl: Gosh I just talked to Hunter. He makes me feel so beautiful!

Jealous girl: He's so ugly and stupid and rude.

Special girl: Yep Okay! Jealous much?
by TheGirlWithTheBrokenSmile11 June 16, 2011
579 246
a male that has a huge penis and a six pack and is a ladies man but can be cocky at time but isnt a player.
hunter wow hes very hot and sexy mabey a little bit horney he must be a "hunter". she such a hot guy with a huge penis.
by fucking cat up ass January 26, 2009
920 625