A hug is a way of showing love, and affection to someone, is the way of making the other person feel safe and cared about.

A hug is one of the ways of connecting two peoples souls without being in such an intimacy.
The way he/she hug me I felt like I was in heaven.

My moms hugs are the best, she makes me feel protected.
by Ana Smalls February 26, 2014
A special treat from Hershey's that greatly supersedes the taste and meaning of a Hershey's kiss.
I'd prefer for her to give me a hug rather than a kiss.
by ...Transformers August 20, 2009
A nick name for "sex" Very good if you want to be descrete among friends about sex.
"Hey chrissey, what happened last night with garrett?"
"OH, only hugs"
by skatergirl2011 December 09, 2011
H.U.G - Acronym for How You Going
H.U.G atm

H.U.G ?

H.U.G since yesterday
by Keusher January 01, 2011
a street name for LSD
1: i want some hugs right now

2: gimmie ten bucks and ill hug you.
by akizzle93 January 17, 2010
an embrace, how girls and guys greet in a social situation
"i'm into gettin head i aint into makin love
nah i dont wanna hug look i just wanna cut"
by ma$e December 05, 2003
a derogatory term used to describe a negative situation or outcome. colloquilism with origin and usage in Akron, Ohio region.
Your dude didn't come through? That hugs, man." "It does totally hug, dude.
by ogdu May 29, 2010

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