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Hippies Until Graduation
That girl is a HUG, she was a free spirited hippie and then she graduated and became an accountant for a marketing firm.
by Miss Snuggles September 14, 2008
a seemingly friendly or caring act disguised to feel a girl's boobs pressed up against your chest.
Christina was looking pretty fine yesterday so i gave her a hug to feel her huge tits.
by way2blonde4yuu November 25, 2007
a semi-intamite relation ship envolving the male or female and and in process uwrap arms around the victims waist. This relation ship is intamite some what but does not use the mouth.
once my girlfriend lost the game i knew she needed a big ol hug
by NoWaHHHH February 22, 2006
something that gives me a boner
this hot girl gave me a hug and i walked away from her with my boner sticking out of my pants
by richard78 April 29, 2007
u hug sum1 dont ya
i want a hug
by mollz June 20, 2004
What i will do to the that invented the "Chia Pet" and the guy who invented Bizzo. That shits crazy.
"Shut the fuck up, i will hug you...now."
by Fighter Hayabusa July 23, 2003
(v) To make a candle melt evenly by pushing the warm outer wax toward the center with your thumb or palm.
Multiple-wick candles will last much longer if you let them burn long enough for the whole top to melt and then hug them every time you blow them out.
by Coell May 12, 2005