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16 definitions by Cathy

A photo taken at a close and improbable angle that looks nothing like the person yet exactly like every photo the person has taken with it.
"This is Me"
"You're so hottt"
*they meet in person*
"...Who are you?"
by Cathy March 25, 2005
408 120
Warm physical closeness that enables passion and desrie to run through.. or to express happyness or empathy
SHe was so depresses, she needed a hug,
by Cathy August 16, 2003
329 95
Sup Boo,
I need to talk to you!

w/b soon
by Cathy April 12, 2004
119 22
the one who helps you bury the body
*police finds out*
"yo, man..it was my friend!"
by cathy June 12, 2003
60 24
A state of advanced irritation and/or crankiness.
I'm already ibble about rush hour traffic, don't make it worse by cutting me off.
by Cathy January 27, 2004
22 12
Fabio: Do you want to have sex
Me; en tu mente loca
by Cathy April 12, 2004
9 0
To out think or out do.
I totally smiffed him during the debate.
by Cathy March 09, 2004
15 7