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A movement, largely internet-based, that portrays anorexia (and sometimes bulimia; other eating disorders, such as compulsive overeating, are not part of the pro-ana movement) as a lifestyle choice rather than a disease or disorder. Countless websites devoted to the concept have sprung up on the internet, and it has been the object of much (largely negative) media attention. The larger pro-ana sites tend to feature message boards, chat rooms, or other forums for communication. There is some distinction between sites: sites that are defensive of "ana" (this word is often associated with pro-ana individuals) as a positive lifestyle choice, those who advocate eating disorder acceptance rather than active promotion of such disorders (these may not portray themselves as pro-ana), and sites that support anorexia without offering support to individuals attempting to "develop" the disorder.
She was so fiercly defendant of her eating disorder that she started a pro-ana website to express her view of anorexia as a choice.

Though the site offers support to those suffering from eating disorders, it does not consider itself pro-ana.
by rieux November 27, 2003
A signature. Derives from John Hancock's signature, which was written in large letters, on the Declaration of Independence.
Could you please put your John Hancock on this form so that I can turn it in?
by rieux November 29, 2003
Abbr. for "self-injury," also known as self-mutilation. Most common form is cutting, but may also include burning, bruising, skin-picking (excoriation), and other behaviors. There is no single cause for SI. SI is most common in women and tends to persist for years.
As a result of overwhelming anxiety, she turned to SI as a coping mechanism.
by rieux November 27, 2003
Visual representation of hugs within the internet community (to express love, support, friendship, etc). Common on message boards, commenting functions (live journal, diaryland). Frequently used.
I'm so sorry that you've had such an awful day. ::hugs::
by rieux November 27, 2003
100 pounds. Can be modified to express other weights; for example, a buck-ten would be 110 pounds.
What do you weigh, anyway? A buck-ten?
by rieux November 27, 2003

Something that would appeal to a hoochie mama. May be considered sleazy, flashy, cheap, attention-grabbing, trashy. Generally used in an uncomplimentary way.
The faux zebra skin rugs and red lightbulbs were only part of her hoochierific decorating scheme.
by rieux November 29, 2003
A yearly event that is a gathering of people who publish public, personal journals (blogger, diaryland, livejournal, etc) on the internet. Spans several days and includes panels and workshops, among other events (including social gatherings for the writers).
He'd been writing at Diaryland so long that she decided to go to JournalCon and meet some other people whose journals he read.
by rieux November 29, 2003

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