a hug is one of the most common signs of love and affection...A hug is a handshake from the heart.A hug is worth a thousand words. A hug is a smile with arms, a laugh with a stronger grip. A hug is two hearts wrapped in arms. Best present you can give.
Today i decided to be confident and then give my crush a hug. He looked sad , so i opened my arms wide in a gesture of a hug. He accepted it and also came close to hug me..I put my hands on his upper back, and he placed his on my waist. Then we stayed...because after all we've been through together and me being mad at him and him being mad at me...all we needed together was a hug. A hug that could never be forgotten... I will never forget that hug since i'm never going to see him again.
#hug #hugging #love #crush #happy #sadness #what #you #need
by ifreakenloveuepd June 25, 2010
Sweet, warm, loving, caring, heartfelt, gentle and comforting hugs. a hug is a sacred embrace you share with the person you love. when you hug... nothing else matters. just the moment then and there. in pure bliss and stillness.
They say hugs can take away all worries and replace it with tranquility, peace and love.
#hugs #sweet #warm #loving #caring #gentle #heartfelt
by kdawwwwggggydawwwg July 03, 2010
A pleasant alternative to other, more vulgar terms that are derived from physical intimacies. A watered-down explicative. A term to be used when innocent ears are around or when the setting dictates that obscenities not be used (i.e. business lunch, meeting with parole officer, picking up the kids at daycare.)
Man 1: "Hey ya dumb SOB, that was my parking spot!"
Woman 1 (in Minivan with kids) "Yea, well go hug yourself"

Man 1: "My wife just left me."
Man 2: "Man, that really hugs."

Parole Officer 1: "The judge just rescinded your parole cuz your still addicted to crack and you knocked over that liquor store."

Reprobate 1: "Man, that hugs! you can tell that judge to Hug Off."
#hug #kiss #suck #sucks #fuck off #fuck you #explicative #vulgar
by gkev228 March 28, 2008
a.This amazing thing you do with a girl when there is no teachers around so they don't yell "PDA!".

b. A reference to the previous definition.
Why is my heart beating so fast? Oh, I'm hugging a really hot girl on the last day of school.

True story...
#hugz #hugs #heart #human #dictionary
by Human_Dictionary June 04, 2009
its pretty much a hug. o:
a PERSON: YAY -hug- :D
#-hug- #a hug #-hugs- #*hug* #hug
by your mom ;D January 05, 2008
It's like being attacked by a bear from behind, only usually your ribs remain unbroken, and your flesh uneaten.
I was hugged by a bear today.
#hug #huggle #huddle #cuddle #glomp
by qazmlp011 December 22, 2011
an embrace between 2 people
emily and ben hugged passionately for 5 minutes!
#emily #ben #passionately #love #relationships
by emilyandben June 11, 2010
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