a person who is always hungry for a hug. usually considered cute. however, is also a way for guys to cop a feel, supposedly innocently.
"omg i just saw jason yesterday. he's so overly friendly!"
"yeah. he's a real hug whore, huh?"
by kiki_kiedis September 13, 2005
Top Definition
Hug whore's are more mild versions of attention whores.
To get the attention they crave, they continuosly search for hugs and ask everyone they see for a hug by opening there arms
"Ellie stop hug whoring yourself."
"James your such a hug whore"
by Mikkak September 09, 2005
People who tend to give and receive an excessive amount of hugs daily - whether you like it or not.
Oh lawd! Breezy, Dianne and Matt are such hug whores! They're always going around the school and tackling people with their outburst of hugs!
by Dianne September 24, 2005
A person (usually a girl) who gives and recieves excessive amounts of hugs ALL THE TIME.
Liz: "I hate walking with Angie down the hallway."

Carlos: "oh. why?"

Liz: "She makes frequent stops to give or get hugs."

Carlos: "ohh, yeah.., i always hug her, she hugs everybody."

Liz: "Yeah thats Angie, such a hug whore"
by trikkinittt December 18, 2009
person who loves hugs and would DIE for one. Great example = Joanne Stagg-resident hugwhore of South London
Joanne Stagg - will hug at any oppertunity
by Gary Jules January 14, 2005
A hug whore is somebody who goes around hugging many different people trying to find the right one with the best warmth so they can not be cold...

They do it a lot at concerts.
And during camping trips.
Allison: did you just see cameron hug all those people last night?
Mally: yeah he hugged like 10 different men just to find the best one for warmth.
Allison: such a hug whore.
Mally: ikr??
by beckybeckz May 22, 2014
a person that hugs excessively; usually to fufill their personal needs and/or desires.
The boy hugs every girl in his school; he is a hugwhore.
by John Legendz October 04, 2011
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