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People who tend to give and receive an excessive amount of hugs daily - whether you like it or not.
Oh lawd! Breezy, Dianne and Matt are such hug whores! They're always going around the school and tackling people with their outburst of hugs!
by Dianne September 24, 2005
One of the wealthiest towns in the country full of rich kids and their rich families. And not to mention all the kids are preppy, rich, fashionable, rich, rich, oh and rich! Stars such as Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace have lived in Darien. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston bought a house in Darien. One store in Darien, the Darien Sport Shop, was mentioned in one of the books from the "Gossip Girl" series. RICH PERSON TOWN, I TELL YOU!
According to http://cp_lai.tripod.com/rich.htm Darien, Connecticut is the 82nd richest town in America.
by Dianne April 06, 2005
(n.) A singlet top with sewn in breast support
My brop is far more comfortable than a bra in the summer time.
by Dianne September 23, 2006

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