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One of the greatest men that have ever lived. Some say he has 3 testicles which have been named Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris and Mr T, respectively.

It is also believed he slapped the shit out of a tornado once and then wiped out the entire periodic table, insisting the only element he needs is the element of surprise.

Not much else is known about Vin except that despite his appearance, he is actually not dark skinned, the sun is merely afraid to shine on him after he totally uppercutted the sun in the face.
As part of his morning routine, Vin stretches by defeating 20 armed ninjas that jump out of various household appliances.

Vin became a vegetarian not because he loves animals, but because he hates plants.

Vin invented black. In fact, he invented the entire spectrum of visible light. Except pink. Tom Cruise invented pink.

Something you donate your winnits to.
Vin likes to eat winnits. The more mature the better.
by v in May 01, 2003
(V)ehicle (I)d (N)umber

the tag the boyz at the chop shop change so you can resell a hot ride
SO nigga are yuh tellin me that vin is clean
by SmoothDrR January 20, 2005
A meathead, greaseball or other swarthy guinea
Biff hated greasers and would often scream "No Vins!" at his parties.
by smackhead April 21, 2003
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