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being uncomfortably hot, usually in a situation where there are many people in one room
damn, it's hot as tits in here.
by Devin creedz January 25, 2008
when its so hot it feels like you are in the middle of a large woman's boobies
Damn! its hot as tits!!!!
look at my pit stains!!!!!
by amazingly amazing man October 10, 2009
adj. - Hot in the positive sense, used mostly to describe a sexually attractive female, but can also be used with other positive instances of hot (i.e. objects, ideas). Antonym of hot as balls. Heterosexual version of hot as dick
"Hey, is that your mom? She's hot as tits!"

"Check out these clothes! They're hot as tits!"
by Bruce Salgado January 22, 2008