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Guhh is a term used on a girl(s) that:

a) Ugly as all hell or butt ugly

b) Stank like shit

c) Gives you an ugly ass face, and you must give her a stank ass look and say "guhh"

Tip: Don't ever tell a girl who fits this description what this means, keep it within your friends, or else you can never say "guhh" around her when she deserve it! You will regret it cuz! Trust me I know nigga!

P.S: eee-rrr is the opposite of this, look through my tags for it.
*Sarah Jessica Parker from "Sex in the City" walks by you when you with yo' friends and give you a stank ass look*

Dude: Oh lord she stank my nigga and she fugly than a mug cuz!

Dude 2: Guhh!

Sarah Jessica Parker: What the hell was that? Whatever...
by Yo_Boy_LoLo October 01, 2014
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