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To masterbate. Taken from the popular sketch comedy show Cheppelle's Show. The sketch refered to involved a man's Granny walking in on him masterbating in the bathroom.

Can be used as an exclamation to warn someone that you're spanking the monkey, or used as a verb.
Person 1: I'm hungry. I wonder what's in the kitchen...
Person 2: Granny don't!

Person 1: Where's Phillip?
Person 2: In the basement, probably having a "granny don't!"
#masterbate #spank the monkey #flog the dolphin #choke the chicken #polish the bishop
by CaptainJonus May 03, 2006
A phrase describing the temperature. In reference to a woman's breast (tit) which are "hot" to males. To be "hot as a tit" is for something to be extremely hot.
"You should've rolled down your car windows, it's hot as a tit in here now."
#hot #tit #boob #breast #temperature
by CaptainJonus April 27, 2006
A form of dance. Usually performed while listening to ska music.

The look of the dance is similar to moshing and "skanking" but involves punching in a down-wards direction. It looks as if the person dancing is punching midgets.
Moses: I got to see the OC Supertones play their last show ever.

Jesus: Oh yeah, how was that?

Moses: It was sick, but then in the pit some ska-kid was midget punching and hit my nads.

Jesus: Ooooo, right in the ball sack!
#ska #midget #skanking #mosh #mosh pit
by CaptainJonus August 09, 2006
The action of removing any body hair that may have become attached to a bar of soap while you're in the shower.

It is a common courtesy for the person who will be using the soap after you, especially if your short and curlies are stuck on.
"Who forgot to shave the soap!? It looks like Sasquatch was using this thing!"
#soap #shower #pubes #short and curlies #sasquatch
by CaptainJonus July 28, 2006
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