A term used to describe extremist members of volunteer fire-fighter groups. A hoser is one who holds the hose, while the actual firefighters are doing the real work. They frequent local coffeeshops till the wee morning hours. They communicate by radio, even when in close proximity to one another. Their larger-than-necessary trucks are adorned with firefighting decals and various lights. Usually overweight, they are never at a loss for displaying their newest Motorola device.
Dude, why do all the hosers have to stare at people when they pull into Dunkin' Donuts? When will they ever get a life? Someone start a fire!
by Josh January 03, 2004
A person who is HOT but also a loser! lol
Damn that girl/guy is a hoser
by laurenhope April 26, 2006
One who refuses to do any Latin homework. Hosers commonly construct diabolical plots to overthrow their Latin teachers. Hosers and Latin-lovers are sworn enemies. A small band of renegade hosers have created an Anti-Latin Terrorist Organization (ALTO) against the Language of Latin (LOL). There have been no known or scheduled meetings of either organization.
What are you all, a bunch of hosers? Mike and Adam back there haven't done their homework since like the first quarter. And I know you didn't do you project there either Molinsk.
by Mike Cioffi May 23, 2006
Someone who hasnt made it to Poser stage yet. . . See the Sk8r definition of Poser
Your a F#^@$% hoser. Cant even get tha board off tha ground. Can you even spell OLLIE?
by dark10304 April 09, 2003
Canadian term for a cheapskate. During the Great Depression of the 1930s some folk would siphon gasoline from vehicles with a hose.
He didn't pay for his drinks. He claims to have forgotten his wallet. What a hoser !
by orangejason9 December 16, 2014

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