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PLaying loud music so every one else can here while ear buds are still in ears and no one else wants to here
Spencer stop blasting your manson
by Jack Dusich March 06, 2009
When a male takes his manhammer and pounds the living piss out of a cum dumpster.
Man: Whore prepare yourself for your blastings.
Whore: But my vagine is swore...
by Big Pimping January 04, 2008
shouting, broadcasting loudly, spreading gossip to everyone
"Don't be blasting my business everywhere"
by Dawnelle December 28, 2007
really really really boring work, causing mind numbness. requires absolutely no brain power, just eyes and arms.
"greg, can you stop indexing and blast some files please"
by scotch egg March 22, 2005
going fast on a moped without really actually going that fast.
Me: Dude i was blasting cars last night.

You: How fast were you going?

Me: Like 45!
by rod ney January 30, 2011
The act of a girl being violently penetrated by a phallus, whether plastic or penile.
Sarah was blasting herself so bad in the Theta house when those guys walked in, but she wouldn't admit it!
by zilebagharas November 03, 2011
verb, meaning to shoot laser guns of the type that appear in the Star Wars movies
Luke was blasting 6 storm troopers.

Oh no! The storm troopers are blasting through the door!

Leia screamed as Han accidentally began blasting an ewok who had grabbed onto his leg.
by FunkyAntoinette October 16, 2009
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