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You are hip, live in the city, you go to all the cool shows, wear plaid shirts, ripped jeans, oversize coats and insist on drinking the cheapest shit beer you can find. Yes your cloths may be from a thrift store but not out of necessity, the toque that never leaves your unwashed head is a fashion accessory and that smell, well that you can't fake.
You're not from small town Canada you HOSER POSER!
by smilygrl December 07, 2009
any fucker who acts like they from Canadia, but they aint so fuck them. kinda like hockey hoser
You ain't no Hoser, eh! You're not from Toronto, eh! You ain't never been to Moosejaw, or Moosehead, or Moosefactory, eh! You couldn't find Regina on a map, eh! So what the fuck is a "Frobisher Bay", eh?!
by SLEEZ [MOD GRAFFIX KREW 2K4] December 22, 2004
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