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A pubic wig.

Named after Russel Crowe's Pubic-like beard.

Also look up Murkin
Dude want to buy a russel?

Nah i can grow my own
by superspecialawesomeburger November 21, 2010
A person with no arms or legs that gets thrown into a pile of leaves
HaHa! Another loser Russel got thrown into the leaves!
by >:P March 18, 2007
What you call someone with no arms and legs, resting in a pile of leaves.
-What do you call a mate with no arms and legs when hes in a pile of leaves?
by ichigodesuka September 25, 2009
noun. This is a creative name for the penis. The full name of this creature is "Russel the Love Muscle."
Hey baby, have you met Russel? Russel the Love Muscle? Once this question is asked, the female will have no choice but to copulate with you. This one-liner will increase your sexual radius with the ladies.
by jld2 February 26, 2009
Drafting teacher by day, Ninja by night
Holy crap! He's superman.
No, he's a Russel
by Vanish29 January 18, 2008
A ginger, sun burnt english man visiting australia. Russels normaly have large chins, huge feet and small chodes. Most russels are provided with bullshit buttons for obvious reasons. Russels normaly refer to them selves in manny different ways, eg 'romeo russel'
Hey have you seen that russel . . . . . lol.
by hip breaker February 22, 2011
The act of stimulating your prostate to aid masturbation.
I just caught Mark Jolliffe Russeling in the bathroom!
by Mr Bag June 15, 2010

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