An adjective used solely for females: A hosebeast can considered to be a female who acts in a beastly fashion more often then not. This "beast" like behavior is due to poor judgement and simply having no shame in one's game because there are simply to many tight ass bitches out there! It can also be due to heavy intoxication (as in drinking to many beers through bendy straws and taking to much xanax). Hosebeast can also be a term of love when used between two people who can enjoy being white trash without shame.
Hosebeast behavior includes falling head first off bars when your trying to dance on them,face fucking, pooping in your pants in H&M, falling on a subway grate and smahing your face in, successfully executing Patsy falls, trying to have sexual relations with gay men, and contemplating when your really drunk" if I just pee in the bed at least it will be warm for a minute."
by Ms. Aly Be Bop Biscut March 03, 2005
Top Definition
Noun (1): A woman who is ruthless, evil, and outright objectionable in both physical and mental presence.
Dave: "Did you hear about Patti going off the deep end?"

Steve: "Yeah, it serves that hosebeast right for what she did to Truant."
by Mr. Sparkle January 14, 2004
Female who lives for sucking cock and prefers it over vaginal penetration.
Tammy is such a hose beast that I'll be taking her to the drive-in on Friday night.
by Mighty Whitey August 11, 2003
N. A person, particularly female, who has an insatiable thirst for men's knobs and often prefers oral sex. Can be used affectionately or in derogative terms depending on the individual viewpoint.
"Hey Hose Beast, get over here and sucky my cock."
by David Wynn February 02, 2004
Stupid ass dirty ass nasty ass slut. Crazy to a stupendous degree. Devourer of souls.
Steve's girlfriend is a fucking psycho hosebeast. I told him not to stick it in the crazy but he didn't listen.
by Vince Vigor September 23, 2004
A woman, iether pretty or ugly that is clingy in nature and can not seem to get enough of the cock.
That hose beast tried to fuck everyone in the school, what a ho!
by mike May 23, 2004
An individual that pursues the penis with fervor for oral, anal or vaginal stimulation.
See how she was all over him? What a hose beast.
Human female that can't get enough cock.
"She's a real hose beast". From the film "The Wild Life" (1984).
by John H. Gamez March 30, 2006
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