a term that describes the highest form of idiocracy.
Normally used when someone does something so stupid, you can't even belive it.
J. Embry: hey you guys, watch me do this super good break
move. CRASH (some form of accident)

Aaron: What a freakin moron, what kind of a person are you?
Oh wait, I know, you are a freakin hosebeast!

J. Embry: you are right! (walks away in shame.)
by Shades McGrew October 06, 2005
A person whom is unpleasant to even hear about
That guy is such a hosebeast
by Peter 'Valenn1' Coleman November 26, 2003
A nick-name given to males with the last name Hosie. Meaning no offence, simply a play on a name.

Hosebeastess is the female version.

(Hosebeastess To Be) implies the female is marrying into the family name.
I am a Hosebeastess to be because I am marrying Hosebeast.
by Hosebeastess2B April 27, 2007
typically a Hose Beast is a Beast who is hose
damn did u see her, she was the Beast who is Hose.
by Garrett Wright December 15, 2004

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