A name for an individual who has an outrages amount of bodily hair, and produces smells from navel regions that can only be likened to that of a beast.
Person A: What is that over there in the bushes? Is it a bear or Bigfoot?
Person B: No it's our brother, Hose Beast, doing some gardening
by Male Nocturnal Mammal June 02, 2013
In short, someone (usually female) who is generally unpleasant to be around. Basically the female equivalent of bastard.
Oh God, I HATE Christy. She's suh a fucking hose beast to everyone.
by Phoenix October 10, 2003
An adjective used solely for females: A hosebeast can considered to be a female who acts in a beastly fashion more often then not. This "beast" like behavior is due to poor judgement and simply having no shame in one's game because there are simply to many tight ass bitches out there! It can also be due to heavy intoxication (as in drinking to many beers through bendy straws and taking to much xanax). Hosebeast can also be a term of love when used between two people who can enjoy being white trash without shame.
Hosebeast behavior includes falling head first off bars when your trying to dance on them,face fucking, pooping in your pants in H&M, falling on a subway grate and smahing your face in, successfully executing Patsy falls, trying to have sexual relations with gay men, and contemplating when your really drunk" if I just pee in the bed at least it will be warm for a minute."
by Ms. Aly Be Bop Biscut March 03, 2005
its a "beyond Psycho" ex who you would love to see chopped up and fed to the dog.
My ex girlfriend is such a hosebeast that the dog wouldn't even eat her.
by jenni December 30, 2003
an obnoxious, hefty woman, usually a smoker, often accompanied by 4 or more kids under 12
The hosebeast in that dumpy minivan just cut me off!
by arse_banshee January 02, 2004
A woman who only chases and sleeps with men that have money. A woman that other women hate.
Anna Nicole Smith is a Hosebeast!
by dana January 08, 2004
a term that describes the highest form of idiocracy.
Normally used when someone does something so stupid, you can't even belive it.
J. Embry: hey you guys, watch me do this super good break
move. CRASH (some form of accident)

Aaron: What a freakin moron, what kind of a person are you?
Oh wait, I know, you are a freakin hosebeast!

J. Embry: you are right! (walks away in shame.)
by Shades McGrew October 06, 2005

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