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Adj; describing word; a male who is attractive whilst wearing a flannie.

Noun; a lifestyle which incorporates the essence of flannability.

See also flannophile, flannonette, flannoness, flannometre, flannelder
"What do you think of Jim?" "He's alright, but he's not flannable enough."
by Hosebeastess2B April 27, 2007
Adj; describing word; relating to females who are attracted to flannable males.

"Did you see Sarah turn down Jim?" "Yeh, she is such a flannophile, she couldn't go out with some one so unflannable.
by Hosebeastess2B April 27, 2007
A nick-name given to males with the last name Hosie. Meaning no offence, simply a play on a name.

Hosebeastess is the female version.

(Hosebeastess To Be) implies the female is marrying into the family name.
I am a Hosebeastess to be because I am marrying Hosebeast.
by Hosebeastess2B April 27, 2007
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