1. Lowest form of human being (some even argue that they are in fact NOT), known for infesting low tide areas and flood plains of rivers, lakes and damns. It is also believed they are largely responsble for still fish, bait, women and most lifeforms from the areas they inhabite. They are normally easily identified by there knee high gumboots, bait pumps and general scoundrel attitudes

2. Other common terms for hoppers include Scoundrels, Mongrels, Lowlifes, Whores, and Downright fucking assholes.
whilst driving one might exclaim ''oiiii fuk off you dowright fuking mongrel hopper''
''wearing gumboots? what are ya a fukin hopper'
#hoppers #island hoppers #mongrels #scoundrels #ratbags #lowlife
by Greg Thorne August 09, 2007
Top Definition
young street level drug dealer
I know the cops are gone because the hoppers are back out.
by Jim King September 07, 2005
A male or female who metaphorically jumps from one individual of the opposite sex to another individual of the opposite sex for the mere pleasure of seeking vast amounts of attention (texting, gift-giving, money, etc.) or to increase/keep up ones ego status. You should take extreme caution when dealing with these type of people for they are very cunning and sneaky about their activity. Expect word usage such as "guy friend" or "a friend"may be used in content.
John: Hey what about that girl?
Dave: No dude, she's a hopper. You'll thank me later.
John: But she's cute.
Dave: She was just with Justin bro.
#hoper #fucking-kangaroos #grasshopper #attention-freaks #vampires
by BigOle'CollegeHead March 30, 2015
The villain of Disney's "a bug's life", most notable for being the leader of grasshoppers in a gang, and full-blown controller of the ants. He was voiced by Kevin Spacey, and was twice asked by the producers to be played by Robert di Nero. He maintains full control of the ants and keeps them in line... until the end of the movie where (after Flik gives a speech about how ants shan't serve grasshoppers) the ants finally stand up to the grasshoppers. Hopper is finally defeated when a bird picks him up in one swift move and feeds him to the bird's chicks. Hopper (despite his death in the movie) makes several appearances in "It's Tough To Be A Bug". And (like Scar in "The Lion King") he pertains a scar on the side of his face (however, Scar's was on his left, and Hopper's was on his right.) He is still a badass villain and rocks better than {Gaston}, Thrax, Maleficent, and {Jafar} combined. (Jus any villain from any movie would not be compared to Hopper.)
Hopper beat up one of his gang members and killed two other. He should be in the UFC.
#{grasshopper} #{axel} #{loco} #{molt} #{flik}
by pricker75 June 10, 2015
toliet; what you sit on when you take a shit
John is sitting on the hopper.

I'm going to go sit on the hopper.
#shitter #toliet #toilete gayin #john #johnny
by Koos Koos January 09, 2007
In an elevator of a high-rise building, a random person come in, in the middle of your elevator ride just to go a few floors up or down costing you valuable time.
Chris: "Late again?"

Jake: "Yeah, damn hoppers make me stop at every floor"
#hoppers #hopping #hoppe #hop #hops
by beladorkid September 12, 2011
A supporter of the biggest and most successful Swiss multisports club. The football section has won the national championship 27 times. The second best team (Servette from Geneva) has won it 17 times. FC Basel has won it 12 times.

Grasshopper Club Zurich (founded in 1886) engages in sports like: Football, Tennis, Hockey, Handball, Rugby, Rowing, Curling, Squash.
Manuel: What a terrible season for us hoppers. And to add insult to injury the crackwhores (FC Zurich) that stole our blue-white colours won the Swiss championship this year.

Diego: Yes it's just shocking I still can't believe it. I mean there was 9/11 , where you had a massive attack on America and now we have this? I mean.. its like a second.. not as big .. but like a mini 9/11.
#hoppers #hopper #grasshoppers #zurich #swiss
by dividiere111 June 06, 2009
An online homogenous community (usually a forum, but sometimes a mailing list or blog) who all think identically and ferociously lash out at those who threaten those beliefs, not unlike a swarm of locusts.
Man, have the seen the hoppers over on DirtySanchez4U.com? Those motherfuckers just won't shut up!
#hopper #hoper #locust #flamewar #flamewars
by Jammaster K September 13, 2006
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