Type of Disney tickets that lets you in to multiple parks.
Hommie: Yo, what's good tomorrow?

Me: Got the kids, we going Disney. Got them park "hoppers" cuz the kids wanna hit up both Disneyland and California Adventure.
by gotkush127 April 29, 2013
A supporter of the biggest and most successful Swiss multisports club. The football section has won the national championship 27 times. The second best team (Servette from Geneva) has won it 17 times. FC Basel has won it 12 times.

Grasshopper Club Zurich (founded in 1886) engages in sports like: Football, Tennis, Hockey, Handball, Rugby, Rowing, Curling, Squash.
Manuel: What a terrible season for us hoppers. And to add insult to injury the crackwhores (FC Zurich) that stole our blue-white colours won the Swiss championship this year.

Diego: Yes it's just shocking I still can't believe it. I mean there was 9/11 , where you had a massive attack on America and now we have this? I mean.. its like a second.. not as big .. but like a mini 9/11.
by dividiere111 June 06, 2009
An online homogenous community (usually a forum, but sometimes a mailing list or blog) who all think identically and ferociously lash out at those who threaten those beliefs, not unlike a swarm of locusts.
Man, have the seen the hoppers over on DirtySanchez4U.com? Those motherfuckers just won't shut up!
by Jammaster K September 13, 2006
Very very tasty Sri-Lankan style pancakes.
Hey mofos, it's 12:30.. time to head down to Gedera for some chicken Hoppers.
by Noulg July 14, 2005
A hopper is a person (usually teens or tweens) who hangs out at places where there are a lot of stores and restaurants, usually they hang out on malls; they are often called mall hoppers because they hop(move) from mall to mall usually in 1 day.

They live and breath malls, they start trouble in malls, all they know is malls. Hoppers are usually mall-punk kids, mall-goths, emos, despite their supposed hate of consumerism they stand around malls all day and toss money at the hot-topic. Hoppers can also be preps, jocks, and gangsta kids also.

Another word for them is also "Mall Rat"
The hopper crowd Jenny, Steven, and Bryan spend all of their time going to all different malls everyday after school. They practically live in malls
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI May 05, 2011
A guy who goes from girl to girl & the girls are realated in some way. Usually the girls are sisters or cousins.
Claire:"Steve hooked up with Kaia and Rachel last night. Its gross cause their cousins."
Jackie:"He's such a hopper."
by moonlightt13 August 14, 2010
Someone who forces someone into doing something that deep down they don't want to do, Like Sex, or drugs....
And she wouldn't do it, So I hoppered her" - "Urgh, how could you !
by intelligenceisavirtue November 08, 2010
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