a toke of the marijuana smoke
Hoot this bowl.
by Thrill June 23, 2003
Smoking marijuana in tiny amounts by taking a small piece or nug and and smashing it between two knives just heated on the stove and then sucking in the vapor immediately produced. Also called "hot knives".
Yo Ryan, you gonna burn yo lips off if you keep doin them hoots so close to yo face
by D-port chillin January 24, 2007
The act of smoking pot.
Fill your boots with hoots.
by PMFNA February 16, 2005
The inhaling of marijuana smoke.

can be used when spreaking of using a joint, bong, pipe, bubbler, blunt or spliff.

means the same thing as all of the following "hit, toke, puff, chop"
"damm, that was one fat hoot!"

"come on man, can't I just have one hoot?"

"last night Bob cleard my three foot bong in just one hoot!"
by BudWard February 07, 2010
lame, not chill, not good.

origin: da bay area
"how dank is that weed?"
-"It's hella hoot"
by onefadednative June 11, 2014
hella wack
man this nigga hella hoot
by hooty booty December 21, 2009
something that is cool or awsome
That party last night was awfully hoot, I wish we taped it.
by Johnnydjr September 28, 2009
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