not to care, not to be concerned
"I dont give a hoot"
by herbie January 22, 2004
a form of expression for young men.
a)you see a hot chick, "HOOT!"
b)something realy cool just happened, "Hooot."
c)something realy bad just happened, "Hoot."
Ah, hoot.
by Crypto September 12, 2005
A blow job. Fellatio.
Dude, I totally just gave that guy a Hoot for crack.
by Krissee June 20, 2007
a word used to describe any and all actions done by wyatt smith
Wyatt sucks at badminton. He is hoot.
by wyatt smith February 27, 2007
an extremely attractive woman.
derived from hot
that chick was hella hoot!!
by Derek D'Gilly June 13, 2004
a ghetto-slang way to say hooter
Where's the hoot, brotha?
by zip April 24, 2005
poor quality marijuana
Thats not chronic bro, thats hoot shit
by Rachael Kavaganaughanaughv January 17, 2005

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