something that is cool or awsome
That party last night was awfully hoot, I wish we taped it.
by Johnnydjr September 28, 2009
I woman's bresticles
I like 'em, I like hoots, hoots is what I like...
by Thomas the lover of hOOts April 05, 2006
To mess something up; to completely screw up; fuck up a lot; be a fuck-up in life
"Hey, don't be mad bro, cause you hooted that lay-up!"
by hootyandtheblowfish October 09, 2009
Slang term for a female bosom.
Oh man roger, check out that side hoot.
by French Plotchman November 13, 2010
a) A dumb and stuck up, semi-pretty young lady with nice tits and ass to show that men generally look at. Love the attention but don't flirt with worthy men. Usually in a sorority if they attend college while studying some meaningless degree which is completely unproductive to society, such as a Bachelors in Fashion, Entertainment Business, or some other useless degree that will not help her get employed after college. Commonly have some plastic surgery done with money fronted by her mother behind her fathers back.

They are commonly considered sluts and gold diggers and they wonder why people think they are sluts and gold diggers. They are only attracted to nouveax rich frat boys who treat them poorly, inherited all their money from their father (in light of the same family lineage) and go to the gym everyday to work out and look at other men.

b) jersey girl, euro trash girl
What a dumb hoot. She's still seeing that guy that yells at her everywhere they go and kicks her out of his BMW.

That hoot has nice tits! Tight ass too! What a waste!
by whyitseztogetlaid January 26, 2010
a foolish/ a dumb person
what a hoot..!
by nikky1900 April 20, 2009
A hoot (n) is a pejorative term that refers to a woman who stays past the typical ending time of a party, a lingerer if you will. She is characterized by being provocative in dress, and incoherent in speech. She most likely has low self-esteem and a penchant for alcohol.
Dude that hoot you brought around last night did not want to leave. Well long story short, I banged her out. See ya later boys. Lets hang out.
by BVot February 21, 2008

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