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a group of young men driving fast or erratically in a sideways manner or with wheels spinning
like all "p" plate drivers in australia that buy a commodore
"look at those hoons in the crapadores!"
"hear that? thats the sound of some more hoons in their V6 commodores"
by eugene87 June 24, 2007
11 6
group of australian guys known for their loutish behaviour and scallywag antics
"get out of here you bloody hoons"
"those hoons are at it again"
by robism July 07, 2004
14 9
a large hoon or biffta is a big skunk joint of the highest quality
i fancy a big juicy hoon, i am going home to have a big hoon and pass out, pass me that hoon
by hoonman October 18, 2011
10 7
to hoon is to consume unholy amounts of alcohol.
if you consume large amounts of beverages on the reggy you are known to all as a hooner however if you are tame you are known to all as a shooner (shit hooner)
last night was a slippery sloppery hoon
by fraserthehooner September 19, 2013
2 1
A person with a hatred for fresh rubber. Let it be senseless burnouts or highly perfected drifting. A Hoon is the singular form of Hoonigan.
Dude 1: Ey man why is ur face covered in black dust?

Dude 2: Just got new tires, had to slay them...

Dude 1: Ur such a 'Hoon'
by e_DIRTY6 July 31, 2013
1 1
To do something socially unacceptable
These hoons were drunk and violent, they kicked in my fence.
by Jimmy Rustells December 10, 2012
5 8
hoon (n) a vulgar type often male, a hooligan
(V) to hoon, to act in an unacceptable way
Did you see that bloody hoon last night hooning about in his Holden?
by tvc15 June 11, 2003
75 78