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/u:n/ —n. the general smell of a person's crotch which emanates from that region before specific examination of its constituent parts, such as the vagina, penis or anus.
1. I loved the smell of her oon.
2. Her oon drew me into her, making me want to perform cunnilingus.
3. I could smell her oon just standing next to her; it was disgusting, like a dead cod.
by Hal Jackson February 25, 2007
Means stupid or idiot in Indonesian (slang). Used to insult people that can't answer basic questions (like 1+1), or acting like 5 years old.
Dasar oon, Pancasila saja tak hafal kamu!

Translate: "You are so stupid because you don't even remember points of Pancasila (the government's ideology)"
by 4G LTE is fake August 01, 2016
To find something entertaining with chat room reference.
1. Sarah oons when Ol' Gregg pops into the chat room.
2. We all oon when we get together.
by ToHellWithAUsername January 07, 2010
suff. Suffix to be added to any noun ending in an "r".
Boy: Snaps, did you see Harry Potter 3?
Girl: Yeeeeuh! Those dementoroons was crazeh.
by NovaBlas July 27, 2004
A soft blanket generally made of velour or velux
Please pass me that oon, yeah that really soft velour blanket right there
by Dugnamtar March 16, 2011
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