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The act of being a hoon or driving recklessly, racing, doing burnouts etc.
Hey Blake, I'm feeling the need for speed and want to burn some rubber, you wanna come hooning?
by Kiwi Jones June 27, 2010
The act of hooning consists of rubbing one's chin in an inquisitive matter when placed in a nchtr situation
"Did you see Chaebae hooning earlier today?" "Nah I missed it because I was trying to please the cat judge"
by B4S3D G4WD May 12, 2016
When you vomit so hard that you queef at the same time.
Kelly: "Have you seen Becky?"

Jessica: "I think she's in the upstairs bathroom hooning"
by Spailey March 15, 2016
to have sex with somebody
I hooned her.
i hooned last night.
Want to hoon?
Had a great night hooning!!
by The Elliots October 25, 2008
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