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The beautiful winding curves certain country roads hold, that provide an unparalleled thrill to all true motorcyclists through a godlike combination of road, momentum, man, and steel.
It was a beautiful day, with the sun shinning and God smiling down upon me as I set out to hit up the twisties and be reborn--true freedom at last.
by Vikramaditya November 07, 2008
Crunchy twisted corn snacks made in Australia by the Smiths Snackfood Company. Twisties have been around for decades and have become an Australian institution much like Vegemite.

Traditional Twisties come in two flavours - the ever popular cheese flavour, and the try-hard chicken flavour. Recently Smiths have tried to leverage the Twisties brand by releasing Twisties Cheese-O's, a blatant rip-off of Cheezels produced by rival company Arnotts, and Twisties Zig-Zags. But nothing compares to the original taste of Cheese Twisties.
Hey dude! Pass the Twisties!
by doc brown June 02, 2007
Higher than best friends. A combination between twins and besties.
Lets be twisties forever :)
by dirtnastylover August 12, 2009
The nice and rough sexual position that me and my girl did up against her bedroom wall.
When sex gets rough I like to give twisties.
by C-hris B October 22, 2003
Excessive humping and fucking up against a bedroom wall that invovles getting your girl in the back.
While I was gettin her in the back, she screamed for me to give her a twisty.
by C-hris B October 22, 2003
the roll and smoke a blunt- to get high
it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got s*** to.. let's get twisty wit it.
by J-HO 1984 August 18, 2009
a tight hair-style that gurls wear
did u see Jamilla's twisties her moms did it and they look tight!!
by Tatii November 19, 2005
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