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to beat the shit out of somebody
That nigga must not know I'll drag the fuck out him about my money.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
to hit; to start a fight; the first punch thrown
I had to pop it off on this hoe for acting stupid.
Keep talkin shit and imma pop it off on yo ass.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
to fight; to show anger and aggression in a physical manner
I told dat nigga to hook but he aint wanna do shit.
We got to hookin wit some lames at the club.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
the smallest form of american paper currency; the all American dollar
Bitch let me get a shag till tomorrow.
I wanted a soda out the store but I ain't have a shag on me.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007

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