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A tap dancer from N.Y.C mostly. Usually the best tappers around.
"Did you see that boy dance?!!! That boy's a hoofer"
Savion Glover,Sandman Sym,Gregory Hiens,Lon Chany,Chuck Green,Busta Brown,Jimmy Slidel,Diane Walker
by Sid R. January 23, 2007
To get going with great speed.
"We best hoofer"
by Jayzen October 17, 2003
A boy with a big head.
"Ohh, look at that boy! What a hoofer!"
by Meggaaannnn (Y) November 14, 2008
A girl from Hope BC that puts shoes on horses!
That girl from Hope BC just hoofed that horse in 4.6 seconds, with a GOTDANG FLY ON HER FACE!!!! Now she's a serious hoofer!
by FILTHY912 April 26, 2008
A heavy marijuana smoker.
Tom has copius amounts of skunk. He's the biggest hoofer I know.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
a boy with no foreskin/no dick
"that boy i hooked up wtih last night was a total hoofer!"
by Laureeeeeen May 23, 2009