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A tap dancer from N.Y.C mostly. Usually the best tappers around.
"Did you see that boy dance?!!! That boy's a hoofer"
Savion Glover,Sandman Sym,Gregory Hiens,Lon Chany,Chuck Green,Busta Brown,Jimmy Slidel,Diane Walker
by Sid R. January 23, 2007
45 10
To get going with great speed.
"We best hoofer"
by Jayzen October 17, 2003
20 10
A boy with a big head.
"Ohh, look at that boy! What a hoofer!"
by Meggaaannnn (Y) November 14, 2008
13 12
A girl from Hope BC that puts shoes on horses!
That girl from Hope BC just hoofed that horse in 4.6 seconds, with a GOTDANG FLY ON HER FACE!!!! Now she's a serious hoofer!
by FILTHY912 April 26, 2008
10 10
A heavy marijuana smoker.
Tom has copius amounts of skunk. He's the biggest hoofer I know.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
11 14
a boy with no foreskin/no dick
"that boy i hooked up wtih last night was a total hoofer!"
by Laureeeeeen May 23, 2009
4 13