The word that describes the sound that you make when having sex, also called orgasm.
Honk is also used instead of saying they had sex.
Some chick is honking in the grass with my brother. She got a nice honking ass.
a shorter word for honky-tonk
I hate honk but I like country busic (hurtin' beautiful sad songs) :((((((((
by Andrius lonesome :(((((((( March 13, 2008
honk up somebodies ass = to give an enema
stop honking up my butt,would ya?!
by Punker June 14, 2007
An adjective describing something boring that is caucasian in nature, or made to be boring by caucasians.
I don't like this neighborhood anymore. It became too honk after all these white people moved in.
by scemmer May 16, 2005
A dumb ass mothafucker. Or when something is very bad or poor
You fuckin´ HONK. I hate your friend, he´s a fuckin´ HONK
by Christian Holmqvist March 31, 2005
white-ass cracka
Yo, get da fuck up off me, you fishbelly honk.
by joo like teh gay May 13, 2003
The noise a goose makes, see also, "goosefat and buttering"
Honk if you're horny
by Lurpak April 29, 2003

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