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When the moment takes you and you feel connected to everything around you, the whole world feels happy and sad at the same time, its so much goodness though, you're thinking of nothing at all but also experiencing it all in its entirety!
*sitting on the end of a pier with your mates looking out at the stars and the moon on the ocean at 2am in silence.

"What would you call us doing that back there?"

"Duude", we were just looming out!"

"Yeh man, it was magnificent"
by wanderman July 19, 2014
The definition of looming can mean hyper,crunk,adrenaline rush,happy,excited, and amusing
The concert last nite night was looming. Are you going to the party it's gonna be looming. Everyone at my job is looming today. It is looming at the local mall on a Wednesday.
by kutinboss July 22, 2016
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