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a really cool, beastly tall Italian white dude with crazy hair who's really good at hacks and games.
dude, Giuliano totally pwnd me at Halo 3 again.
by p0werslave August 11, 2008
the typically itialian, manly type who has an amazingly muscular body and will look after those he loves, but under all the (extremely attractive) male bravado lives an intelligent and affectionate yet intellectual teddy bear with the best advice you will come accross. And he will also love his mother to shreds.
This is the kind of person you'l want in your life forever <3
Ronnie from Jersey Shore has the mannerisms of a Giuliano, but his personality is closer to Vinny (also from Jersey Shore)
by acrazylittlethingcalledlove June 23, 2011
A very nice guy who likes a lot to say "Damned Daniele"
Daniele is sad because his laptop is assistance from 2 months, Giuliano says "Damned Daniele, go and protest!!"
by Capitan Catarro February 22, 2005
Rich Italian white boy who treats his girl well and likes the booty. Keeps lots to himself
Damn Giuliano is a great but secretive boyfriend
by Thug_bug August 04, 2016
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