an attractive, sexy or fine girl.
"yo look at that fine HONEY over there!"
by ciandra June 25, 2007
What you say to your wife/girlfriend when you forget their name.
Female: Hey John?

Male: Yea uhhhhh... honey?
by Jtan17 June 08, 2011
Honey is always there for someone who needs her help, she can give good advice, she's really supportive in whatever decisions you make. Definitely fun to be around. She has a bubbly personality and can always have a good laugh with her. Boys be careful with this one if your ever going to try and play her she'll play you ten times better
(Hunny) (Huni) (Honey)
by Hunza December 09, 2013
A name of endearment, also hon for short.
Kenna; Hi Hon, "referring to Saints"

Saints; Hi Kenny

Kenna; Is everything okay?

Saints; "nods head" as she listens to her radio and reads book in the break room.

Kenna; gets his coffee and leaves.
by Saints September 22, 2003
A dumb, but sweet and innocent girl, who is often taken advantage of
"Honey feels safe because her landlord installed a security camera in her shower"
by Shamop March 17, 2015
a term used when someone got booty
"Yoo, that shawty got honey doe!"
by whutwhat January 28, 2014
a small cigar/cigarello sold in ontario that is flavoured like honey or other flavours such as cherry
hey man wanna go for a smoke?
yeah i just picked up a pack of honeys
by dapsandpounds January 05, 2010

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