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Watch your boyfriends, girls! This girl is the biggest flirt around. She means well but thrives off attention of anyone she can get it from. Very outgoing and insists she'll be famous one day for her singing but doesn't realize she's just like every other washed up artist out there.
Meg: So you're saying you don't love me anymore?
Ken: Nope, I've met me a Kenna!
by mmmmeeemoe July 01, 2010
A name for an extremely beautiful woman. Kenna can be really tall, intimidating, and breath-taking. She seems really nice and she can be but not always. She breaks hearts of every single guy she meets because of her looks. She is kind of a flirt so guys watch out.
Is she flirting with him?
Totally, she's such a Kenna.
by asif7 June 13, 2010
Someone who tends to spill things a lot, incredibly clumsy, stupid, says things before thinking, and is very forgetfull. Can also mean dumb or not very intelligent.
"I just pushed a door, it said pull on the handle" that would make you a Kenna"
by xkelzx September 08, 2008
somebody who likes men.outgoing. pretty cute.can be your bestest friendd.
if your nice she can be your kenna!
by ohbabyyyyy. February 05, 2008
slang word derived from old inuit language meaning used to describe someone who is beautiful, athletic, short tempered, smart, funny, sexy, and naive.
that chick is so kenna.
by phillip johnnson69 March 21, 2009
A fantastically beautiful young woman with everything guys dream of and more. Loads of guys are attracted to her and she can pick which ever she wants. She can seem like a bitch at times, but it's just cuz she has to fight off all of the guys she isn't interested in.
-Short for McKenna.
-Synonmyous for perfection.
Ahhh Kenna is so perfect. I can only dream of being with her one day.
by efcostarica2013 June 25, 2013
Is a name whose origin comes from either Kennan, McKenna, Kenny, or Kenneth.
Kenna come down stairs!
by BieberYo July 13, 2013
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