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to provide for someone as in pampering them; to submit to your man/girl
Let me cater to you.
by Honey March 15, 2005
The Royal Air Force. Airforce of the United Kingdom. Best in the world. Let down often by poor British Government and lack of funding. Not as gung-ho as many other larger countries airforces. Get the job done in the best way possible with minimum fuss and jingoism.
"It's great to see your RAF planes flying overhead, gives us a real feeling of safety" - quote from US Serviceman, Afghanistan 2004.
by Honey March 15, 2005
It's more like, ''Home, James!" referring to your *driver* to get a move on. I first heard my mother coin? this expression at the age of 8. I say 'coin' because i donot know from where it wast derived. We didn't have a driver, nor know any fellows named James. It was more like, let's go. I use this expression when I'm in the car, ready to get a move on, speaking to the driver who may or not go by the given name James. Luckily my new driver is actually named James so this isn't a problem.
Home, James! I'm done with this shopping establishment and would like to take a nap.
by Honey March 30, 2005
like nigga but for a white person
honky-a racist name for a white boi
honkette-a racist name for a white gurl
Get outta my way u honky!!!
Get outta my way u honkette!!!
by honey December 25, 2003
Sweet edible substance produced by a bee(honey bee). A term of endearment. A reference to a good looking woman. A girls name. Also spelled; honie, hony, honi, hon.
"Honey, could you take out the trash."
"That's one fine, honey!"
"Your turn, Honey."
"Could you grab the honey from the shelf, please?"
by Honey October 24, 2004
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