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the thin and some times flappy pieces of skin around a girl/women's pussy hole
ben:yo man i fucked clair last night.
john: hay welcome to the club i had her at a party but i was so drunk i can only remember one thing.
ben+john:those were some fatass!! pussy lips
by robert f-g January 25, 2004
1230 423
The pussy's mouth which is very fun to lick
I sucker her pussy lips all night long!
by V-man March 10, 2004
712 371
can be considered as doors to the pussy and cover it
I spread her pussy lips and ate that thang
by dakarai April 04, 2003
485 268
Slang term for labia minora (small lips) which conceal the entrance to a pretty woman's heaven. They look best glistening with pussyjuice when the woman is excited and wants fucking. In older women, or if the pussy has been overworked, the lips may protrude to various degrees - pussyflaps. Some men (some women too) enjoy the meaty consistency of pussyflaps when eating out pussy. There is a fine line here between delight and disgust!
Her pussylips were like delicate curtains, coated silver with her juices, waiting to be parted.
by O'Flagherty August 09, 2007
111 31
When someones lips are incredibility wide and fat.
In the movie "Predator 2", Danny Glover called the predator pussy lips,
by An-Unknown-Unknown May 14, 2010
156 99
the fanjita lips that are to be caressed when a woman is in need. they can be licked or shaved. You might also want to trim the gooch while down there.
1. Smack those pussy lips baby!
2. Fuckin Rump Roast Pussy Lips!
3. Fuckin trim those pussy lips!
4. Wipe the mooncheese off those lips!
by patrick puss August 22, 2008
200 146